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American Thermal Window specializes in replacing and installing commercial windows and commercial doors in the North Side Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago for high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise condominium properties. From the 3rd floor to the 30th floor of your property, we can do it all. We have the necessary experts and experience to install and replace fire-rated commercial windows and doors on any size property. American Thermal Window will make sure your Lincoln Park windows look their best, and provide superior thermal efficiency to stand up to the extreme summer and winter temperatures.

Commercial Glass Windows in the Gold Coast

Lincoln Park Commercial Windows and Commercial Doors

American Thermal Window is familiar with the Lincoln Park area and knows what you need from your windows and doors for your high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise property. We only provide commercial window and commercial door replacements that are suitable for Lincoln Park property owners. Our company works on Lincoln Park’s properties for groups, individuals, buildings, and condominium complexes. Whether you have a DePaul University building, a historic Lincoln Park building, or another type of commercial property, we can handle the job. We focus on products that accomplish the ideal aesthetics, function, and energy efficiency needed for Lincoln Park commercial property owners.

Lincoln Park Commercial Window Manufacturers

American Thermal Window only works with top-rated window manufacturers in order to provide the best products for our Lincoln Park clients. Some of the leading window brands we provide include:

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Other American Thermal Window Products for Lincoln Park High-Rises and Mid-Rises

If you have other needs for your Lincoln Park property, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to service all your window and door needs. Some of the other commercial products we provide include:

  • French Patio Doors
  • Sliding Patio Doors
  • Juliet Balcony Doors
  • Double Hung Windows
  • Crank Open Casement and Awning Windows
  • And Other Product Styles and Options

When It Is Time to Replace Your Lincoln Park Commercial Windows

Are you unsure if it’s time to replace your Lincoln Park property’s windows? High-rise and mid-rise windows are at a slightly higher risk of damage and degradation than standard windows. There are some common signs to be on the lookout for that might signal it is time for a commercial window replacement:

  • old foggy window that needs replacement

Clear Signs of Damage or Degradation

It’s important to check regularly for any signs of damage or degradation on a regular basis. Particularly in Chicago and Lincoln Park, windows can become damaged or degraded over time. Be on the lookout for serious damage like broken glass, cracks, chipping, rotting, mold, water damage, and other forms of decay.

High Utility Bills

Though you might be worried about the cost of replacing your commercial windows; old, leaky windows might be contributing to your high energy bills.

Excessive Noise Pollution

From loud DePaul students to street traffic, Lincoln Park can be a noisy neighborhood. The latest windows have the best sound-blocking technology to keep sound and noise from invading your building.

Windows Allowing Cold Air Inside

Don’t let those blustery winds off the lake into your commercial property. Old windows can allow drafts to seep into your space, which is another signal that it is most likely time for a window replacement.

Benefits of Updating Lincoln Park High-Rise Windows and Doors

The door and window products we offer at American Thermal Window come in a wide array of interior and exterior colors to match your property. A window replacement project can solve many seen and unseen issues with your property, including:

  • Air or Water Infiltration or Leakage
  • Deteriorated or Rotting Frames, including Warping, Splitting, and Cracks
  • Cracked, Foggy, or Hazy Glass
  • Poor Energy Efficiency
  • High Utility Costs
  • Improve the Aesthetics of Your Property
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Lincoln Park High-Rise Window Replacement Services

In what year was your Lincoln Park property constructed? If the answer is at least 20 years ago or more, it’s extremely likely that it requires a window replacement. Fortunately, there have been several dramatic improvements in thermal glass technology in the last couple decades. At American Thermal Window, the manufacturers we use have produced various ways to keep out the winds and acute temperatures that affect the Lincoln Park neighborhood. Our company has decades of experience and skill completing projects on historic North Side buildings, including condominium complexes and more. No commercial window replacement project is too elaborate or complex for us to work on.

Lincoln Park Mid-Rise Window Replacement Services

Our company also offers mid-rise window replacement services in Lincoln Park. There are several benefits to undergoing a mid-rise window replacement, including noise reduction/remediation, reducing utility costs, and improving the aesthetics of your property.

Commercial Doors for Lincoln Park High-Rises and Mid-Rises

If you’re considering a window replacement, chances are it is also the right time to replace your property’s exterior doors. We offer replacement aluminum and fire-rated doors for commercial buildings in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. The doors of a commercial property are often the first impression for anyone who walks through them. American Thermal Window offers a large selection of commercial doors from the nation’s best-rated door manufacturers including doors with options to integrate into your intercom/remote access/keyless entry systems. Our expert staff can help you decide on the right doors for your property, and help you install them or replace your existing doors.

Choose American Thermal Window for Your Lincoln Park Building

If you’re ready to get started with a high-rise or mid-rise Lincoln Park commercial window or door replacement, call American Thermal Window today! Lincoln Park property owners know to call us for all of their window and door needs. We have been serving the city of Chicago for more than 40 years, and are the highest-rated window and door company in the city. For an estimate, call us at (773) 774-3131 or email us at

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