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American Thermal Window provides commercial window and door installation and replacement services for low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise buildings in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. Our team has the necessary skill and experience to handle even the most complicated window and door replacement projects. People see the windows of your Uptown high-rise from blocks or even miles away. That’s one of the many reasons it’s essential to keep them in mint condition. American Thermal Window helps you keep your property looking its best.

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Uptown Commercial Windows and Commercial Doors

American Thermal Window offers windows and doors suitable for Uptown neighborhood properties, from single-family homes to large condominium complexes. We can work on properties from the 1st floor to the 10th floor to the 30th floor, and beyond. One of our specialties is commercial window replacement projects. Our company offers products for our clients that meet their preferred aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency requirements for Uptown properties. Our staff knows what Uptown property owners need for their buildings, windows, and doors.

Uptown Commercial Window Manufacturers

American Thermal Window proudly provides products from top-rated national window manufacturers. Our company offers the best selection of commercial windows in Chicagoland.

We offer a wide variety of premier window and door options for Uptown property owners, including:

  • Types of Commercial Glass Windows

Other ATW Products For Uptown Mid-Rises and High-Rises

In addition to our commercial window and door services, we also offer additional services for Uptown clients. Some of our other products include:

  • Sliding patio doors
  • French patio doors
  • Juliet balcony doors
  • Crank open casement and awning windows
  • Double-hung windows
  • Other product styles

Pros of Updating Windows and Doors in Uptown Buildings

We offer window and door products that come in a large selection of interior and exterior colors to meet any criteria. Additionally, we have many glass options for optimal energy efficiency as well as sound control glass options to mitigate the noise from loud streets, properties near El train tracks, and other noisy scenarios.

Updating your windows and doors can mitigate and resolve several issues for Uptown properties, including:

  • Air and water infiltration or leakage
  • Deteriorated or rotting window frames, including cracks, splitting, or warping
  • Cracked, hazy, or foggy glass
  • Inadequate energy efficiency
  • A lack of thermal efficiency and insulation, which leads to high utility costs
  • The desire to refresh and modernize the aesthetic of your property

When It’s Time to Replace Uptown Commercial Windows

A few signs to look for that tell you it’s time to look into a commercial window replacement for your Uptown building include:

  • old foggy window that needs replacement

The Comfort of Your Tenants

If your tenants are complaining about their deteriorating windows, it’s past time to replace those windows! They might complain about leaks or drafts or not being able to open or close their windows. Increase your tenant retention rate—replace their windows!

Visual Wear and Tear

The ups and downs of Chicago’s temperatures can wreak havoc on Uptown mid-rise and high-rise windows, including visible damage like shrunken and crumbling gaskets and seals, warped or displaced frames, and cracked, fogged, or clouded glass. These signs of wear and tear mean it’s time to upgrade to new, more durable, and long-lasting windows from American Thermal Window.

Maintenance and Cost Control

If your HVAC system is running overtime (and running up high bills) compared to previous years, this is a definite sign that it is time to replace your windows. A window replacement project is much more cost-effective than paying high utility bills year after year. Older windows also require much more maintenance and attention, which is another sign it’s time to replace them.


Uptown High-Rise Window Replacement

If your Uptown property is more than 20 years old, it probably needs new windows. The window industry has made many advancements in the last few years in thermal glass technology, making it an excellent time for a window replacement project. American Thermal Window uses manufacturers that have created various ways to eliminate drafts and extreme temperatures, which are all too common in the Uptown neighborhood. Our team has decades of experience working in large, historic high-rises, mid-rises, and condo buildings throughout the North Side. There is no Uptown mid-rise or high-rise window replacement project that is too big for us to handle!

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Mid-Rise Uptown Window Replacement

If you are ready to undergo a mid-rise condo window replacement in Uptown, call us at American Thermal Window today!

Historic Window Replacement in Uptown

The owners of many historic Chicago buildings, like the ones frequently found throughout Uptown, are commonly concerned about updating the windows of their beautiful properties. You can trust American Thermal Window to update your historic building’s windows and doors while retaining your property’s history and aesthetics. We can preserve the beauty of historic Chicago windows without saving the deteriorating or outdated frames and glass. We recommend aluminum windows for many commercial buildings to mitigate the noise of the Uptown neighborhood and increase the comfort of your tenants.

Why You Should Choose American Thermal Window for Your Uptown Building

Trust one of Chicago’s top-rated window and door companies with your property’s maintenance and replacement projects. We specialize in working on commercial windows and doors of high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise buildings throughout Chicago, particularly in the Uptown neighborhood. We are a family-owned and operated company that has been serving the city since 1981. We are proud to offer only the best commercial windows and doors for our clients from top-rated national brands. For an estimate, call us today at (773) 774-3131 or email us at https://americanthermalwindow.com.


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