Customizing Your Home’s New Doors

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Customizing Your Home's Entry Door Your entry door is the focal point of your home, and should reflect your exact sense of style. Your aesthtic preferences and your functional needs all must be considered when choosing an entry door. There are endless possibilities when it comes to the appearance of your home's entry [...]

Options for Window Customization

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Home Window Customization  There are hundreds, if not thousands of different combinations of options when you are installing or replacing windows in your home or business. From the shape of the window to the color type of glass, property owners can become frustrated when trying to determine the best fit for their property, aesthetic [...]

The Benefits of a Fiberglass Entry Door

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Fiberglass Entry Door Benefits Installing or Replacing Your Home's Entry Door When it comes time to install or replace an entry door, you have to decide between three materials: Wood, steel, or fiberglass. Deciding between these three options comes down to personal choice in regards to aesthetics, but fiberglass doors in particular can [...]

Double-Hung Versus Casement Windows

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Deciding Between Double Hung and Casement Windows There are several types of windows to consider when replacing the windows in your home. Two of the major options are double-hung windows and casement windows. When deciding between double-hung or casement windows, you must consider your aesthetic preference and your ventilation preference.  What are Casement [...]

In 2018, are Bay Windows Modern or Old-Fashioned?

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Are Bay Windows Right for Your Home? Bay and bow windows are often included in homes to allow for more light to enter living spaces. Many beautiful Chicagoland homes feature bay or bow windows. Bay window is the (often generic) term used for a protruding window structure. There is a difference between bay and [...]

Are Black-Framed Windows Right for My Home?

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Black Window Frames are More Popular Than Ever In many Chicagoland homes and businesses, black window frames are being installed as owners decide to update their windows. As industrial trends grew in popularity, more and more homeowners and business owners were including black window frames in their plans, or replacing their white window [...]

The Best Bathroom Windows for Light Exposure and Privacy

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Best Bathroom Windows for Privacy The Best Bathroom Windows For Privacy In many homes in Chicago, the bathrooms have one or more windows. These bathroom windows are necessary to let in light and ventilate the bathroom. Some contemporary homes even have large picture windows in the bathroom. While additional windows are beautiful and [...]

Where and Why to Use Transom Windows

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When and Why to Use Transom Windows What are Transom Windows Transom windows are small windows appearing above or beside a door or other window and are often fan-shaped, but can be other shapes as well. Transom windows are primarily decorative, but they also serve a function. These types of windows add extra [...]

Replacing a Basement Window

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Replacing a Basement Window Basement windows sometimes need to be replaced due to old age or damage. They are often broken by burglars, so installing a new basement window is very important. Depending on your basement, you need to have a hopper window, egress, or escape window. Installing good quality basement windows will [...]

Why Installing Soffit and Fascia is Important

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Why is Soffit and Fascia Installation Important? Soffit and Fascia Installation in Chicago While soffit and fascia aren't commonly thought of items when it comes to home improvement, soffit and fascia are important parts of the home. Soffit and fascia help protect the home's exterior from weather and ventilate hot air out/ What [...]