The Cost of Replacing Windows or Adding a Garden Window

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What is the Cost to Replace or add a Garden Window? Replacing Windows or Adding a Garden Window Replacing windows in your home does not have to be expensive, and adding a garden window increases your home value. Garden windows are similar to bay windows, but smaller. Also, garden windows are often installed [...]

Increasing Your Home’s Value by Replacing Windows and Doors

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Increasing Your Home's Value Whether you just moved in, or you're ready to move out, it's always a good time to consider replacing your old or damaged windows and doors. Smart home improvements, like increasing energy efficiency, can pay off in a big way when it's time to sell your home.  Window and [...]

The Differences Between Double and Triple Paned Glass

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Double and Triple Pane Glass When determining the best type of windows to install on your property, you must choose between double and triple pane glass. But what are the differences? Double pane glass windows consist of two panes of glass with a space between them. That space (consisting of air) adds additional [...]

How to Replace Windows and Doors on a Historic/Landmark Property

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 Replacing Windows and Doors on a Historic Property If you own a property designated as a historic landmark, there are specific rules you must follow in order to repair or replace facets of the property. There are more than 50 historic districts in Chicago, including many that have one or more extensions. The first historic [...]

Gas-Filled Glass Panes in Windows

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What are Gas-Filled Windows? Older homes often feature single-pane windows, which are drafty and energy inefficient. Newer buildings (or upgraded properties) are most likely to feature gas-filled windows, which are windows consisting of two or three panes of glass, with argon gas filling the spaces between the panes. These types of windows have [...]

Deciding if Your Basement Needs an Escape Window

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Basement Escape Windows When building or remodeling a basement, you should include an escape window ("Egress"). Most cities and towns require escape windows under their fire ordinances. Escape windows are necessary for safety and your peace of mind. Basement escape windows ensure there is means of departure in case of emergency, most notably fire. [...]

Options for Window Customization

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Home Window Customization  There are hundreds, if not thousands of different combinations of options when you are installing or replacing windows in your home or business. From the shape of the window to the color type of glass, property owners can become frustrated when trying to determine the best fit for their property, aesthetic [...]

Double-Hung Versus Casement Windows

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Deciding Between Double Hung and Casement Windows There are several types of windows to consider when replacing the windows in your home. Two of the major options are double-hung windows and casement windows. When deciding between double-hung or casement windows, you must consider your aesthetic preference and your ventilation preference.  What are Casement [...]

In 2018, are Bay Windows Modern or Old-Fashioned?

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Are Bay Windows Right for Your Home? Bay and bow windows are often included in homes to allow for more light to enter living spaces. Many beautiful Chicagoland homes feature bay or bow windows. Bay window is the (often generic) term used for a protruding window structure. There is a difference between bay and [...]

Are Black-Framed Windows Right for My Home?

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Black Window Frames are More Popular Than Ever In many Chicagoland homes and businesses, black window frames are being installed as owners decide to update their windows. As industrial trends grew in popularity, more and more homeowners and business owners were including black window frames in their plans, or replacing their white window [...]