The Best Bathroom Windows for Light Exposure and Privacy

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Best Bathroom Windows for Privacy The Best Bathroom Windows For Privacy In many homes in Chicago, the bathrooms have one or more windows. These bathroom windows are necessary to let in light and ventilate the bathroom. Some contemporary homes even have large picture windows in the bathroom. While additional windows are beautiful and [...]

Where and Why to Use Transom Windows

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When and Why to Use Transom Windows What are Transom Windows Transom windows are small windows appearing above or beside a door or other window and are often fan-shaped, but can be other shapes as well. Transom windows are primarily decorative, but they also serve a function. These types of windows add extra [...]

Replacing Commercial Storefront Windows

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Replacing Commercial Storefront Windows If you've recently purchased a commercial property in Chicagoland, or you're upgrading your existing property, you'll often have to replace your storefront windows or commercial doors.  We work with contractors and architects across the Chicagoland area to replace all types of business windows and associated commercial doors. These projects [...]

Replacing a Basement Window

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Replacing a Basement Window Basement windows sometimes need to be replaced due to old age or damage. They are often broken by burglars, so installing a new basement window is very important. Depending on your basement, you need to have a hopper window, egress, or escape window. Installing good quality basement windows will [...]

Marvin Double Hung Windows

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Marvin Double Hung Windows Wide selection of Marvin Windows and Doors Built Around You Marvin double hung windows are made to order, one at a time. Marvin Windows and Doors take pride by carefully constructing each Marvin double hung window to the customer's exact specifications. Marvin double hung window are built to last [...]

Commercial Window Replacement in Chicago

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Chicago Commercial Window Installation  Commercial Window Installation in Chicago American Thermal Window offers Chicago's best commercial window installation and largest selection of high-end commercial windows. The team at American Thermal Window has decades of experience selling and installing replacement commercial storefront windows and commercial aluminum windows and doors. Over the many years, American [...]

Tilt and Turn Windows Add a Distinctive Look to Your Home

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Tilt and Turn windows look great in your home. Tilt and Turn Windows are also known as European Windows. These windows are gaining in popularity in the United States over the past few years. American Thermal Window carries an extensive selection of Tilt and Turn Windows for homeowners and business owners throughout Chicago. Tilt [...]

The Benefits of Triple Pane Windows

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Triple Pane Window Benefits Triple Pane Windows are Highly Energy Efficient Expertly installed triple pane windows are more energy efficient than single or even double paned windows. Triple pane windows do an excellent job in areas, such as Chicagoland, that experience sub-freezing winters. The additional pane of glass and air space between provides a [...]

The Benefits of Triple Pane Windows

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The Benefits of Triple Pane Windows Why Install Triple Pane Windows Triple Pane Argon Gas Filled Windows have three panes of glass with an additional space between the glass panes. The extra pane of glass and air space between glass help increase the window's energy efficiency. Triple Pane Argon Filled Windows handle harsh [...]

Window Condensation and Its Causes

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What Causes Window Condensation? Many people incorrectly assume that when there is condensation on their windows that the windows are to blame. Windows do not cause condensation but are often the first place where condensation is visible. It's much easier to see condensation when it's obstructing your view, such as with windows and mirrors, [...]