Chicago Replacement Windows, Doors, & Siding Energy Savings

If you are looking for the best and largest selection of Energy Star certified windows, doors, and siding, then American Thermal Window has you covered. We carry more of the top manufacturers of windows, doors, and siding than our competition in Chicago and have many excellent Energy Star rated windows, doors, and siding options.

Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficient windows will help decrease your heating and cooling costs and even pay for themselves over time. American Thermal Window has been installing energy efficient and Energy Star windows for decades in Chicago. We carry many different styles and types of windows which will decrease your heating and cooling costs. Our team will help you locate the perfect windows for your home and your style.

Energy Efficient Doors

Homes can lose a lot of climate controlled air through cracks and gaps in exterior doors. It can cause excessively high heating and cooling costs for homeowners throughout Chicago. If you think that your exterior doors are causing higher heating and cool bills, then it may be time to replace your doors with new Energy Star doors from American Thermal Window. No matter what type of exterior doors you need replaced we have many excellent energy efficient ones to choose from.

Energy Efficient Siding

Old or cracked siding can also lead to increased heating and cooling costs, so we have a large selection of high-end Energy Star siding to choose from. Offering a full range of colors, materials, and styles it’s easy to find the perfect siding for your home. You’ll even be able to pair your Energy Star siding with shutters, trim, soffit, or fascia to give your home a nice finished look.

energy star siding

What is an Energy Star Certification?

The Environmental Protection Agency awards Energy Star Certifications to products that both help reduce energy costs for consumers and protect the environment. When first established by the EPA, Energy Star certifications were created to decrease greenhouse gases and other pollutants and so consumers could tell easily tell which product would save them money on energy bills without sacrificing the product’s quality.

Before each product is awarded an Energy Star certification, it goes through rigorous testing. A general guideline when awarding Energy Star certifications is if the product is more expensive than other similar items, then the consumer must recover any additional purchase costs within a reasonable amount of time. The potential savings is factored in by the amount of money saved on heating and cooling costs for windows, doors, and siding. Occasionally, the Environmental Protection Agency will reconsider the criteria in specific categories to ensure Energy Star certifications are awarded based on current technology and trends.

American Thermal Window are Chicago’s Expert for Energy Star Window, Door, and Siding Installations

It’s important to couple your Energy Star windows, Energy Star doors, or Energy Star siding with professional installation to ensure you receive the highest possible savings on your heating and cooling costs. When improperly installed, energy-efficient products may not save you money in the long run or could increase your heating and cool costs. The installation team at American Thermal Window knows how to properly install Energy Star windows, Energy Star doors, and Energy Star siding to ensure you see results. Our installers have many years of experience and work seamlessly to install your windows, doors, or siding and will clean up after their work is complete. Many of our past clients have commented on our installers excellent work and how clean they were.


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