Commercial Storefront Windows

American Thermal Window sells and installs commercial storefront windows for businesses across the Chicagoland area. If you are designing a brand-new Chicago storefront, or remodeling your existing storefront, it is important to choose the right commercial storefront windows. The windows on your storefront make a first and important impression on anyone nearby. First impressions can make or break a business, so make sure your storefront is giving the best one it can with the best commercial storefront windows from American Thermal Window. In addition to commercial storefront windows, we also offer storefront doors, office building windows, and a variety of other products for both commercial and residential buildings across Chicagoland.

Commercial Storefront Windows from American Thermal Window

We are Chicago’s trusted commercial doors and window professionals. Whether you are building a brand-new commercial storefront, or you are considering a window replacement from your existing storefront, our Chicago window experts are ready to help. Regardless of the type of business and building you own, choosing the right commercial storefront windows for your business can make the difference between an extremely appealing, functional, and safe storefront, or an uninviting structure. The experts at American Thermal Window can help you choose the best commercial storefront windows for your business.

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The main purposes of your commercial storefront windows are to make a good impression and let in light. Your commercial storefront windows are pulling double duty: they are not just windows, but they also serve as a marketing channel. Many retail buildings use their commercial storefront windows to display products or signage that promotes the services they offer, while office buildings and executive suites use windows to allow sunlight into the building for employees.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Storefront Windows for Your Business

American Thermal Window works with top-rated commercial storefront window manufacturers to bring you the best options for your business. There are several factors that might affect which windows are best for your storefront, including:

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You will need to choose the materials you want for both the type of glass and the frame of your storefront window.


Some businesses in Chicago require more security than others. At American Thermal Window, we offer riot glass, commercial aluminum windows and doors, and fire-rated doors to protect your business.

Energy Efficiency

Choosing high-efficiency windows can have a major impact on how much you pay in utilities. We offer a variety of energy-efficient commercial storefront windows.

Sun Exposure

The amount of sun exposure you want inside your business might depend on what you are selling, where your building is located, and which direction your storefront faces.

Benefits of Replacing Old Commercial Storefront Windows

At American Thermal Window, we are the experts in replacing commercial storefront windows. If you are updating your existing storefront in Chicago, there are several benefits to replacing your old storefront windows with new options from American Thermal Window.

Increased Curb Appeal

If the front of your business looks old, rundown, or unwelcoming, you might be losing out on potential customers – and revenue. By installing new commercial storefront windows at your location, you will see increased curb appeal and perhaps even an increase in foot traffic.

Improved Energy Efficiency

You might not know it, but if your storefront windows are old, you might be losing climate-controlled air out of drafty windows. This increases the costs of heating and cooling your business. By installing top-quality commercial storefront windows from American Thermal Window, you can decrease your overall utility costs.

Better Safety and Security

Improve your business’s security by replacing older storefront windows with top of the line commercial storefront windows that were designed with security in mind. If security is a top priority for your business, you might also consider riot glass. Riot glass protects storefronts from break-in attempts, burglars, and more.

Reduced Street Noise

Chicago can be noisy. If it’s hard to speak at a normal level due to the rumbling of the El tracks nearby and other street noise outside, it’s time to upgrade to better commercial storefront windows that will do a better job of reducing street noise.

Chicago Storefront Windows and Doors from American Thermal Window

At American Thermal Window, we are more than just windows. We also install and replace doors for your commercial building. We offer:

  • Commercial Aluminum Doors and Windows
  • Fire-Rated Doors and Windows
  • And more.
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Chicago New and Replacement Office Building Windows from American Thermal Window

American Thermal Window also sells and installs windows for office buildings across the city of Chicago. Whether you are building a brand new office space, or considering an office building window replacement project, we can handle any size project.

Your office building windows are an important choice. They will impact your building’s curb appeal, comfortability for employees, and utility costs.

Many office building owners hesitate to commit to replacing their office building windows due to the cost or scope of the project, but replacing the windows of your office building can have a major effect on your overall building and business.

Why You Should Choose American Thermal Window for Your Commercial Storefront Windows

American Thermal Window is a family-owned and family-run business that has been operating in Chicago for more than 40 years. We are the trusted Chicago window and door experts for businesses across the city.

Other Products and Services Offered by American Thermal Window

American Thermal Window offers much more than just commercial storefront windows. We are able to outfit your commercial and/or residential properties with:

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Chicago Commercial Storefront Window Experts

American Thermal Window has decades of experience installing quality commercial storefront windows throughout Chicagoland. The entire team at American Thermal Window works hard to ensure each and every commercial storefront window project matches exactly what the client is looking for. We are also able to provide many custom features for commercial storefront windows. When you choose to work with American Thermal Window, you are working with one of the top-rated window and door companies in Chicago. Contact American Thermal Window today for a free estimate. Call us at (773) 774-3131 or email us at, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.