Replace your church windows

Church Window Replacement

While most people think of stained glass when they think of church windows, churches also have other glass needs. Think of the cry room where parents can take fussy kids to keep them from interrupting the service. In many churches there is a large clear glass window at the front of this room so the people in there can still see and participate. There may also be clear windows or doors leading to offices or vestibules. 

Another significant application for churches is the entrance doors. Many older churches were built with wooden entrance doors, but over the years this has become less popular. Now, it is very common to see glass doors leading into the church. This is likely because they are generally less expensive than a solid wooden door. They can also come across more inviting. 

Church window replacement

Reasons to Replace Church Windows

Regardless of whether your church was built recently or several decades ago, it might still be worth it to look into replacing your windows.

Window Energy Efficiency

Window technology is getting better every day. Energy efficiency is one of the biggest improvements in recent years. A building’s windows are generally responsible for around a third of the building’s total energy loss. Your church windows have the ability to either dramatically harm the building’s energy efficiency or be a part of its solution. Old, improperly installed, or leaky windows let in external air. Regardless of the season, this unwanted air increases the load on your HVAC system to try to meet its set temperatures, driving up costs. New, well-sealed, and high quality church glass windows will let natural light in while maintaining internal temperatures. 

Occupant Comfort

This may be especially important if your church has offices or religious education rooms in it. In the winter, the windows in these rooms may give off very cold air. In the summer, they may emit very warm temperatures. The people in the offices or rooms can quickly become very uncomfortable because of these fluctuations. There are many options to help reduce this issue. A double or triple-pane window helps insulate against cold temperatures. Windows can also be treated with a low-E coating to minimize heat transfer in the warmer months. Finally, there are venting or casement windows that can crank open to allow for air flow, but still close securely.

Updated Appearance

New windows and doors can dramatically improve and update both the inside and outside appearance of a church. Church glass windows can create a bright, open interior. This tends to improve curb appeal and beckon people to come inside.

Improved Durability

Replacing windows can be an overwhelming task that you want to put off until the future. However, you can be sure that this is not something you will need to do again soon. Today’s windows are produced to withstand weather conditions and time better than most older versions. In addition, many of the common window materials today require little to no maintenance. In short, your windows will last longer with less maintenance. 

Popular Frame Materials for Church Windows and Doors

Replace your church windows

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are one of the more affordable frame options. They also are more functional than others because they don’t require painting, staining, or refinishing. Vinyl is also resistant to warping and rot. This makes them one of the easiest materials to maintain. Vinyl windows are also one of the most energy efficient types of window. Finally, vinyl windows are a great option for churches in a louder area as they do a good job blocking out noise.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are the most widely used frame for commercial windows. They are especially popular when people are looking for windows with a thin frame and large glass area. This material is less susceptible to corrosion and air leakage than other materials. They also generally have an anodized finish to resist scratches. Aluminum windows are generally around the same price and maintenance level of vinyl windows. Still, the frames conduct heat and are prone to condensation in the winter. When looking at aluminum options, look for models with a thermal barrier in the frame. This will separate the inside and outside of the frame, reducing heat conduction and condensation. Finally, aluminum windows consistently receive the highest AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) performance grades

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass is one of the strongest window frame materials on the market. It is eight times stronger than vinyl. This strength also allows you to have thinner frames with larger panes of glass. This allows you to take full advantage of the natural light or views from your church. Fiberglass is also good for thermal performance. Compared to aluminum windows, fiberglass windows have a heat conductivity 800 times lower. This not only makes them more naturally energy efficient, but it prevents them from expanding and contracting because of the weather. This will help the windows to last longer and keep up optimal performance. Finally, fiberglass is a more environmentally friendly material. It is made mostly of sand, which is easily recycled and renewed. Fiberglass windows also take about 80% less energy to produce.

Church Window Replacement Options

Church window replacement options

Quaker M600 Architectural Windows

Quaker has a proven track record of making high quality windows. They are one of only a few companies that produces wood, vinyl, and aluminium door and window solutions. Quaker’s M600 Aluminum Architectural Series of Windows is perfect for a number of applications, including church windows. This series of windows were designed with structural integrity, durability, design flexibility and energy efficiency at its core.

As previously mentioned, aluminum windows aren’t usually known for their thermal performance. However, this line of windows and doors has been designed to achieve up to 20% better thermal performance than older generation aluminum windows. 

This series of windows is available in the following styles, with the following benefits:

  • Casement
  • Projected
  • Fixed
  • Terrace Door

Wojan Windows

Wojan has been around for over 65 years, focusing on custom commercial aluminum windows and doors. Their products are approved for both commercial and architectural applications. Wojan also offers numerous window options suitable for a church glass window. The following lines are available in a variety of styles. This includes sliding glass doors, double hung tilt-in, single-hung side load slider and fixed, hopper, awning, casement, and fixed.

Wojan has a couple different series suitable for a church window replacement:

  • M-950 Series
  • 4500/4600 Series

Crystal Windows

Crystal windows have been made in the USA for thirty years. They offer both aluminum and vinyl replacement windows. Their wide range of products offer solutions that enhance sustainable designs.

Crystal’s aluminum and vinyl windows are both available in the following styles:

  • Double hung
  • Picture/Fixed
  • Projected/Casement
  • Sliders

All of Crystal’s aluminum windows are available in over sixteen attractive colors to match any building’s desired look.

Custom Church Windows

American Thermal Window understands that many churches may have unique window and door needs that don’t meet exact manufacturer specifications. We are ready to work with you to find the best solution to your custom church window needs. 

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