casement window
casement window

Deciding Between Double Hung and Casement Windows

There are several types of windows to consider when replacing the windows in your home. Two of the major options are double-hung windows and casement windows. When deciding between double-hung or casement windows, you must consider your aesthetic preference and your ventilation preference. 

What are Casement Windows?

Casement windows are different from double-hung windows, because they open outward like a door. Casement windows have hinges on the side of the windows, just like a door. Casement windows open with a cranking mechanism. Casement windows also are the second-most weather-tight windows, behind fixed windows. Casement windows allow for more air mobility, as the window can fully open at a 90 degree angle, allowing for full air circulation.


What are Double-Hung Windows?

Double hung windows have two movable sashes, giving you multiple ventilation options. Double hung windows are easier to clean since, in most cases, both sashes tilt inward to make cleaning a breeze. Double-hung windows have screens on the outside of the windows, while casement windows have screens on the inside of the windows. 

Recommended Brands of Double-Hung or Casement Windows

  • Great Lakes
  • Marvin
  • Pella
  • Crystal
  • Anderson

American  Thermal Window Installs Casement and Double-Hung Windows

Regardless of your choice between double-hung windows or casement windows for your Chicagoland home, American Thermal Window can help you. We have years of experience helping home and business owners choose the perfect windows, and our sales team is very knowledgeable about both types of windows. When you are choosing window suppliers and installers, we know you’ll be have the most success by choosing American Thermal Window.

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American Thermal Window has over 35 years experience installing windows and doors throughout Chicagoland and is considered Chicago’s top-rated window and door company. Everyone on the team is top notch and very experienced in selling and installing windows and doors. The showroom, located at the corner of Milwaukee and Central Ave in Chicago offers many displays showcasing the different window and door options available.

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