basement escape window

Basement Escape Windows

basement escape window

When building or remodeling a basement, you should include an escape window (“Egress”). Most cities and towns require escape windows under their fire ordinances. Escape windows are necessary for safety and your peace of mind. Basement escape windows ensure there is means of departure in case of emergency, most notably fire. Stories of apartment and home fires, and narrow escapes, only highlight the importance of having an escape window in the basement. 


Size of Basement Escape Windows

The minimum general size for a basement escape window is 6 sq ft of clearance. Normally an escape window cannot be more than 24 inches from the inside floor. 

Tilt and Turn Basement Escape Windows

A popular choice for basement escape windows is a Tilt and Turn. Tilt and Turn windows are practically three in one windows: a fixed window, a hopper window, and a swing casement window. These windows open in two perpendicular directions. 

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