European Tilt n Turn Windows

European/Tilt-N-Turn Windows and Doors

What are European windows and doors? Are they the same as tilt and turn windows? What are the benefits of tilt and turn windows? Can I get European windows in Chicago? This article will tell you everything you need to know about European windows and doors and more! 

What are European Windows? 

European windows are a version of tilt and turn windows. These windows are special because they have two different functions: they both tilt and turn. These windows tilt open or turn inwards to open. They tilt or swing inwards like a door with a one-handed, simple action. These kinds of windows and allow for different degrees of ventilation. They feature a large handle to easily open the window inwards.Tilt and turn windows are functional and also look great in homes

Why do European Windows Open Inwards? 

Tilt and Turn Windows

While you might associate inward-opening windows with being slow to open or hard to work, the opposite is true for European windows. Europeans are less concerned with having screens in their windows, so these kinds of tilt and turn windows are very popular. These kinds of windows have been popular throughout Europe for decades, hence the name European windows. 

What are European Doors? 

A European door, also called a Euro door, might look very similar to an American door, but there are some key differences. Generally, a European door has a very classic, timeless design. European doors are the latest trend in the Chicago area


The biggest difference in European doors from American doors is that they have a tilting mechanism to help you open the door inwardly. This allows for more ventilation and lets air flow into your home. These doors are a safer option if you have children and pets. European windows or doors are also often used as an egress to access a Juliet-style balcony. 

Benefits of Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows have many benefits. Here are eight of the main benefits of tilt and turn windows: 

Offers More Ventilation

The biggest benefit of tilt and turn windows is that they allow the most possible ventilation of any kind of window on the market. The tilt function allows for ventilation from the top of the window, which lets hot air escape quickly through the top of the window. However, it doesn’t allow strong breezes into the room. So you can ventilate your office, without letting a breeze rustle the papers on your desk! 

The turn function, on the other hand, creates a lot more air flow and allows for maximum ventilation. These two options allow you to control your environment more than other kinds of windows do. 

Easier to Clean

We all know how hard it can be to clean windows from outside. Tilt and turn windows allow you to open your window inwardly and clean the exterior from the comfort of the inside of your home! You won’t need ladders to clean the exterior of your windows anymore. As a result, tilt and turn windows are much easier to clean than other kinds of windows. 

Better Air Seals

Many brands of European and tilt and turn windows have a tighter air seal than other kinds of windows. This allows less air and water to escape and is very energy-efficient. A better air seal on your windows means lower energy costs for your home. 

Improved Safety and Security

European Tilt n Turn Windows

If security is your concern, tilt and turn windows might be the right option for you. Tilt and turn windows require robust internal software with several locking points. They are very difficult to open from the exterior, which makes your home safe from threats outside. 

These kinds of windows are also very secure if you have pets or small children. The tilt option from the top means you can open your windows without worrying about their safety. 

Also, if there is an emergency like a fire at your home, you can fully open the window to escape. 

Hidden Sashes and Hinges

European windows often have hidden sashes and hinges, which makes them more visually appealing. If you are looking for a minimalist look for your home, tilt and turn windows are your best bet. 

Beautiful Aesthetics

European windows are classic and beautiful and available in a variety of colors and styles. The aesthetics of European windows are another benefit of choosing this kind of window for your home. 

Larger Sizes

There are several large sizes available in tilt and turn windows. So if you are looking for a large window for your home, these windows might be the option for you. If you have a large, multi-story living room, for example, a large tilt and turn window is an excellent option. 

Offers Unobstructed Views

One of the many benefits of tilt and turn windows is that they usually  do not have panes, so they offer unobstructed views outside of your home. This allows plentiful amounts of natural light to fill your rooms. 

European Windows and Doors in Chicago 

Many Chicagoans have discovered the benefits of tilt and turn windows and doors in their homes. They are becoming more and more popular throughout the Midwest. If you’re interested in installing tilt and turn windows or doors in your home, contact American Thermal Window today. 

American Thermal Windows has years of experience installing European windows and doors throughout Chicagoland. We offer an extensive variety of choices of tilt and turn windows and doors for our customers. For example, Marvin Windows is just one brand that offers “Ultimate Tilt Turn” windows. In particular, if you are in a Chicago high-rise or a condo, tilt and turn windows are extremely efficient and popular. 

If you are looking to install European windows or doors in the Chicago area, contact American Thermal Window today!