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What are Gas-Filled Windows?

Older homes often feature single-pane windows, which are drafty and energy inefficient. Newer buildings (or upgraded properties) are most likely to feature gas-filled windows, which are windows consisting of two or three panes of glass, with argon gas filling the spaces between the panes. These types of windows have become more popular over the years, as gas-filled windows offer many benefits, including an increase in energy efficiency. Many Chicago homeowners and business owners are upgrading their properties with gas-filled windows. 

How Do Gas-Filled Windows Work?

The space in between the two or three panes of glass in most cases are filled with argon gas. In addition, glass is coated with “low-e” to further increase the windows’ and ultimately homes’ year-round insulation.

Upgrading From Argon to Krypton

There is also an upgrade to the argon gas available called krypton. Though 50% more expensive, krypton adds an additional energy benefit to the glass. Both gases are denser than our oxygen-rich atmosphere, giving a greater “R” value to the windows/glass (“R” value stands for Resistance to heat/cold and correlates to insulation). 

Other Benefits to Gas-Filled Glass Windows

  1. Increases soundproofing
  2. Increases energy efficiency
  3. Reduces possibility of frost and condensation
  4. Can block ultraviolet rays

American Thermal Window Installs Gas-Filled Windows

Let us help you upgrade your windows. If you’re in the market for gas-filled windows, we recommend either PlyGlem or Great Lakes brand windows. We’re confident you’ll be happy with the results when you choose to upgrade to or install gas-filled windows in your home or business.

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