security storm door installers in chicago

Security Storm Door Installation

security storm door installers in chicago

Chicago’s Best Security Storm Door Installer

American Thermal Window has installed thousands of steel security storm doors around Chicago. We offer many of the best security storm door brands on the market. Our experienced sales team works with homeowners to find custom solutions for your home. Our security storm doors will match your home and personal style. If you don’t already have a security storm door and aren’t sure why you should install one, here are a few reasons why the top security storm door installers should install a security storm door on your Chicago home. 

What Value do Steel Security Doors offer?

Increased Security

When you install a quality security storm door, you get the added benefit of increased security for your exterior doors. It’s important to note that not all security storm doors are not created the same, so keep these things in mind when choosing your perfect security storm door in Chicago.

Stainless Steel Screen

Standard screen doors tend to have vinyl screens, but security doors should use stainless steel or aluminum. You’ll want to make sure the steel security screen door you purchase has strong screens.

Strong Durable Frame

Make sure the frame you purchase for your security storm door is either steel or wrought iron. Iron and steel frames will provide better protection from invasion attempts. They’ll also last longer than screen doors made from cheap materials.

Strong Locks

Ensure your steel security screens have heavy-duty deadbolt locks installed on them. At American Thermal Window we offer many carry many of the best deadbolt lock options, and they can be keyed to match your front door key.

Pin Hinges

Make sure your pin hinges cannot be removed. Some thieves will attempt to circumvent your door’s security features by removing the pin hinges if they are able.

Add Value to Your Chicago Home

Installing a security storm door will add value to your home due to the increased security. When you add a security storm door to your Chicago place of residence it will add curb appeal, which is helpful in Chicago’s competitive real estate market if you’re trying to sell your home.

Increased Energy Efficiency

When you install a high-end steel security door you can save money on your utility bills. During the summer you can leave your main door open, but leave the steel security door closed to let a nice breeze in. The increased airflow will help keep your house cool and the fresh air will help decrease allergens. In the winter months, you can swap the screen door with glass to add an additional level of insulation between your warm interior and the cold exterior.

Added Light

Your newly installed steel security door can work like an additional window when you have it open. The additional light will brighten up your home.

Chicago’s Best Window and Door Company

American Thermal Window has over 35 years experience installing windows and doors throughout Chicagoland and is considered Chicago’s top rated window and door company. Everyone on the team is top notch and very experienced in selling and installing windows and doors. The showroom, located at the corner of Milwaukee and Central Ave in Chicago offers many displays showcasing the different window and door options available.

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