chicago's top soffit and fascia installers

Why is Soffit and Fascia Installation Important?

chicago's top soffit and fascia installers

Soffit and Fascia Installation in Chicago

While soffit and fascia aren’t commonly thought of items when it comes to home improvement, soffit and fascia are important parts of the home. Soffit and fascia help protect the home’s exterior from weather and ventilate hot air out/

What is Fascia?

Fascia boards are the long boards that run along the edge of the roof. The fascia supports the lower edge of the bottom row of roof tiles. The fascia also is what the gutter is attached to.

What is Soffit?

Soffit boards are tucked underneath the fascia. The soffit board tends to be visible from the ground. Oftentimes the soffit has ventilation on it to help ventilate the roof.

New Soffit and Fascia Installation

Well installed soffit and fascia add a significant about of curb appeal to your home. Beautiful soffit and fascia will give your home a nice polished finished look. Make sure your home has that polished look by having American Thermal Window take care of your soffit and fascia installation.

Soffit and fascia also help to keep rodents and birds out of your home by adding an additional barrier between the outside and inside of your home.

If you live in an area that is prone to rain with high winds, like Chicagoland, the soffit helps to stop rain from blowing into the house.

Soffit and Fascia Upkeep

After soffit and fascia are installed, you’ll need to maintain the soffit and fascia on an annual basis. The easiest time to check on your soffit and fascia is when you clean your gutters. You’ll want to check your soffit and fascia for wear, such as peeling, chipped, or otherwise distressed paint.

Soffit and Fascia Construction

Traditionally soffit and fascia were made out of wood and aluminum, but today many homeowners choose to use synthetic or composite materials for their soffit and fascia. Synthetic and composite constructed soffit and fascia are more durable and require less maintenance over time, making them a good choice for homeowners who don’t want to have to continually maintain their soffit and fascia.


fascia and soffit installers

American Thermal Window Offers Chicago’s Best Soffit and Fascia Installation

We have many decades experience installing beautiful durable long-lasting soffit and fascia throughout Chicago. Our selection of soffit and fascia for homes and businesses in the area is second to none. We have soffit and fascia to match every home design and person’s tastes. Our installers will get your soffit and fascia installed quickly and without major disruptions to your life.

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