garden window herb garden

Garden Window Replacement and Installation

garden window herb garden

Cooking with fresh herbs is amazing, so why not turn your cluttered kitchen garden window into a beautiful kitchen greenhouse garden window. Or, get the boring double pane window in your kitchen converted into an energy efficient garden window to open your kitchen up and give it more light.

What is a Garden Window

In case you aren’t sure, a garden window is a window with four sides, which extends out from the building. These are often found in kitchens next to the sink. It makes for a great place to grow plants since garden windows get lots of light. You can use it to bring some of your outdoor plants indoors during the winter months or use it as a space dedicated to plants year round.

Garden Window Benefits

Garden windows are perfect additions when you want to open up the view in your kitchen. Since the window protrudes from the house you’ll be able to extend how much of the view you’re able to see.

Thanks to the window extending out from the building, it will make the room it’s in look larger. 

In addition to being the perfect place for plants, you can also use it to store knickknacks and kitchen items.

You’ll get additional light in your kitchen since the window extends out past the building.

You can get a garden window with casement windows on the side so you can open those up to ventilate the kitchen. 

Growing Plants in Your Garden Window

Even if you lack a green thumb using your garden window as a mini greenhouse is a breeze. The window is usually right behind the sink, so you’ll have a nice reminder to water the plants every time you use the sink and the sink is right there. The plants will also get more light in the garden window then they would sitting on a counter or table somewhere in the kitchen. 

Good Herbs for Your Garden Greenhouse Window

Not all herbs grow well indoors, and some herbs are better kept to those with a green thumb. So, if you’re looking for some easy herbs to get started with here are our recommendations:


Chives are very hardy and easy to grow plants. Their hardiness makes them great for beginners, but make sure you don’t harvest more than a third of the plant at a time. 


Another easy to grow indoor plant is mint. Mint comes in many varieties, including the ever popular catnip. It grows well in containers and when grown outside has a tendency to overtake other plants. A word to the wise, if you grow catnip in your garden window, you’ll have a hard time keeping your cats off the counters.


If you enjoy cooking, growing fresh basil is a no-brainer. So many different recipes call for basil and it’s easy to grow indoors. Make sure to get a smaller variety of basil, otherwise, it will take over the entire garden window.

Bay Leaf

Bay leaf is another hardy herb you can add to the herb garden in your garden window. You’ll need to keep it pruned otherwise it can grow quite large.


Cilantro is short lived, its many uses make it a much-needed addition to any herb garden. You’ll need to trim back the plant to stop it from flowering, which will lengthen the amount of time you’ll be able to use it. Once the plant starts flowering, you’ll need to replace it.


Oregano is another commonly used and easy to grow herb that you’ll get a lot of use out of in your garden greenhouse window. 

There are many other herbs that work well when grown indoors, but the ones above are easy to care for, do well indoors, and are commonly used herbs.  

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