Riot Security Glass

American Thermal Window in Chicago: Safeguarding Businesses with Polycarbonate Riot Security Glass

Riot Security Glass

In a world where security concerns continue to rise, businesses are increasingly seeking innovative solutions to protect their assets. American Thermal Window, a family owned company in Chicago, has emerged as a frontrunner in providing robust security measures. One of their notable offerings is Riot Security Glass polycarbonate, a cutting-edge solution that effectively prevents break-ins and smash-and-grab incidents. American Thermal Window’s Riot Security Glass polycarbonate has helped Flee Club on Taylor Avenue fend off break-ins for an entire year after five burglaries.

The Rise of Security Threats
Chicago businesses face the constant challenge of safeguarding their premises from criminals seeking easy targets. Traditional security films and security shutters have long been used to reinforce windows, but their effectiveness is limited. Criminals have become more sophisticated, using brute force and basic tools to easily get through glass with security film and metal shutters. Burglars were easily able to kick through the Flee Club’s security shutters proving them to be ineffective against smash and grab.

American Thermal Window’s Game-Changing Solution
Recognizing the need for a superior security solution, American Thermal Window introduced Riot Security Glass polycarbonate as a formidable alternative. This transparent and durable material is specifically engineered to withstand forced entry attempts, providing business owners with peace of mind.

The Strength of Riot Glass Polycarbonate
Riot Glass military grade polycarbonate stands out due to its exceptional strength and resilience. Unlike traditional security films that can be easily punctured or torn, this advanced material is virtually unbreakable. It consists of of clear military grade polycarbonate, installed over your existing window to create an impenetrable barrier. Even when subjected to severe impacts or repeated strikes with a sledge hammer and an axe Riot Glass remains intact, protecting against break-ins and smash-and-grab incidents.

Flee Club on Taylor: A Success Story

Flee Club, a high end shoe store located on Taylor Avenue, had been targeted by criminals on multiple occasions. Despite investing in security shutters, their windows were eventually compromised. Frustrated and concerned about the safety of their merchandise, they turned to American Thermal Window for a real solution.
American Thermal Window assessed their security needs and recommended Riot Glass polycarbonate as the ideal solution. The Riot Glass installation proved to be a game-changer for Flee Club. Over the course of a year, the boutique remained untouched by criminals. The exceptional strength and durability of Riot Glass effectively deterred any attempts at forced entry, providing the boutique owners and staff with a renewed sense of security.

Advantages Over Traditional Security Films
Riot Glass polycarbonate offers several key advantages over traditional security films:
Unparalleled Strength: Riot Glass is virtually unbreakable, making it a superior choice for businesses seeking maximum protection against break-ins
Riot Glass offers a bullet resistant option for businesses looking to protect workers and patrons.
Enhanced Visual Appeal: Riot Glass is optically clear, allowing unobstructed views and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of businesses.
Customizable Options: American Thermal Window offers a range of Riot Glass products to fit different window sizes and shapes, providing tailored solutions to meet specific security requirements.



American Thermal Window’s use of Riot Glass polycarbonate has revolutionized the way businesses in Chicago protect their premises against break-ins and smash-and-grab incidents. The success story of Flee Club on Taylor Avenue serves as a testament to the superior strength and durability of Riot Glass over traditional security films and security shutters. As security threats continue to evolve, American Thermal Window remains at the forefront of providing innovative solutions that prioritize the safety and well-being of businesses and their valuable assets.
Additionally, it is important to note that American Thermal Window offers an advanced version of Riot Glass that includes bullet-resistant polycarbonate. This option provides an even higher level of security, especially for businesses operating in high-risk areas or industries. By incorporating bullet-resistant polycarbonate into Riot Glass, American Thermal Window ensures that businesses have access to comprehensive protection against a wide range of security threats.