School Window installation

School Windows Replacement

Schools are the place where children and young adults spend a majority of their time for most of the year. It is essential that they, and the faculty that teaches them, have a comfortable environment suitable for learning. 

In recent years, school budgets have gotten increasingly smaller. School windows replacement can be a great way to save money in the future. New, energy efficient window systems are a great solution. The initial cost of the replacement windows gets offset by the energy savings over time.

School Windows Replacement

Changes to School Windows

The design of educational buildings is changing. Previously, it was common to have many classrooms with little to no windows. Now it is common for classrooms to have a full wall of windows. Schools are incorporating more windows into their design for many reasons. They may be to increase the building’s efficiency, add more daylighting, and improve the aesthetics of the learning environment. Increasing the amount of natural light in classrooms has also been shown to improve student performance.

Many older schools feature outdated window designs. The most prevalent design feature is simply the lack of windows. It was believed that the less windows there were in classrooms, the lower the energy costs. However, this is actually false. In fact, fewer windows can increase costs because it limits the amount of solar heat that can enter a room.

Schools have unique design needs when it comes to windows. The building may be used by a variety of people for a variety of purposes. Students, administration, faculty, and community members. Academics, community events, and athletics. Windows have a significant role in the overall functionality of the school.

The choice of windows in a school can enhance natural light, making them more conducive to learning. They can also reduce heating and cooling loads. Plus, they can improve the comfort of users of the space. They do this by reducing noise from outside, balancing temperatures, and eliminating draftiness.

Considerations for School Windows Replacement

Many older schools used aluminum or steel framed windows, which have exceeded their service life. School windows replacements can reduce the problems these windows may be causing. 

Replace school windows

Window Efficiency

When you replace Chicago school windows, many times this will come with a reduction in HVAC costs. New windows for schools now provide great insulation. They also have a better ability to limit the amount of heat from the sun coming through the window. Choosing tinted or coated glass and the framing material can have further positive effects. Solar glazing and low-e glass can also help to manage solar heat gain, making them more efficient.


Daylighting is the idea of using windows and other interior surfaces to maximize natural light in a room. This is a modern design principle that is taking over school designs. Daylighting has been shown to improve student performance. It has been shown to have positive effects on students’ concentration, productivity, and mood

Daylighting is done by controlling the amount of light coming through a window. Between-the-glass blinds, louvers, and awnings are some examples of ways to manage the light. In addition, daylighting can also help schools reduce their electricity costs as they can replace artificial light sources with natural light. 

Classroom Comfort

The comfort of a classroom is affected by many different things including temperatures, glares, outside noise levels, and ventilation. Windows can play a major part in all of these aspects. School windows have a variety of features available to maximize the comfort of everyone inside.

Student Safety

Safety is another important consideration if your school might replace school windows. For example, you want to make sure that breakage is very difficult. This may be especially important if a window faces a sports field. Shatter-proof windows are a good option to avoid dangerous shards if the window would get broken. For windows installed on a higher floor, you may desire the ability for them to open. However, they should also be safe enough to deter falls. Finally, you will want to work with a licensed professional to make sure your windows meet any standards and codes in your area. These may be in relation to emergency evacuations and accessibility guidelines. 

Building Aesthetics

For most educational institutions, aesthetics are not as important of a factor as the others. However, you still want them to complement your building. Perhaps you are only replacing one or a few windows. You want to ensure that the ones you choose do not look drastically different from the other windows. You may want to consider customizing the new ones to match. 

Importance of School Windows Installation 

School Window installation

The windows themselves are only half the story when it comes to school windows replacements. An energy-efficient, attractive window needs to be installed properly for you to be able to reap all the benefits. American Thermal Windows has trained installers that will ensure you get the most out of your new Lake County school windows.

Schools are only empty for a small amount of time a year, so scheduling replacement or school windows installation services is critical. This can create tight timelines that we are dedicated to fulfilling. American Thermal Windows understands that emergencies happen any time of the day and any time of the year. We offer quick and professional school windows replacement to any school in our service area. We have experience with all kinds of windows and completing jobs on time and on budget.

American Thermal Window’s Products

At American Thermal Window, we carry a number of different brands. You can be assured that we will have an option that fits your functional and design needs within your budget.

Quaker Windows

Quaker is another window company that has a proven track record of making high quality windows. Their M600 Aluminum Architectural Series of Windows is perfect to replace school windows. These windows incorporate structural integrity, durability, design flexibility and energy efficiency.

This series of windows is available in the following styles:

  • Casement
  • Projected
  • Fixed

Wojan Windows

Wojan has been around for over 65 years, focusing on custom commercial aluminum windows and doors. They have three different series suitable for school windows replacement:

These windows are available in the following styles:

  • Hopper
  • Awning
  • Fixed
  • Casement
  • Single-hung
  • Double-hung

Crystal Windows

Crystal windows have been made in the USA for thirty years. They offer both aluminum and vinyl replacement windows.

Crystal’s windows are available in the following styles:

  • Double hung
  • Picture/Fixed
  • Projected/Casement
  • Sliders

In addition, each of these windows is available in over sixteen attractive colors to match any building’s style.

American Thermal Windows

Replace the windows at a school

From grade schools to high schools to colleges, American Thermal Windows can assist you with any Chicago school window and Lake County school window needs.

American Thermal Windows offers the following school windows services:

  • School windows installation
  • School windows replacement
  • Emergency repairs

School codes and safety requirements have changed in recent years. We dedicate ourselves to taking the time to educate ourselves on any new changes as they occur. You can be assured that we will meet all relevant requirements.  

American Thermal Windows serves Chicagoland and its surrounding communities. We have been a leader in the industry for over 35 years. We are here to replace Lake County school windows and Chicago school windows when needed. If you only need one window replaced or you need all your school windows replaced, we are ready to help. Contact us today!