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Best Bathroom Windows for Privacy

bathroom window

The Best Bathroom Windows For Privacy

In many homes in Chicago, the bathrooms have one or more windows. These bathroom windows are necessary to let in light and ventilate the bathroom. Some contemporary homes even have large picture windows in the bathroom. While additional windows are beautiful and offer many benefits, many home and business owners wonder how to maintain or increase privacy for their bathrooms. When choosing a new or replacement bathroom window, you should consider using privacy glass. 

What is Privacy Glass?

Privacy glass in bathrooms is typically glue chip (frosted) and can be put it doors or windows. Privacy glass allows you to retain the window without having to obscure it with curtains or blinds. Privacy glass is the best option for bathroom window because it lets in light but still obscures the view from the outside. 

Types of Privacy Glass

There are multiple types of privacy glass available for bathroom windows.

  • Louvred glass (Glass with a pattern or shape etched onto it)
  • Frosted glass 
  • Leaded/stained glass

New Bathroom Windows for your Chicago Home

Finding the right bathroom windows can be challenging. To find the right product and crew, make sure to look at reviews online, visit storefronts, and ask questions of the salespeople. 

Bathroom Window Lines

American Thermal Windows carries many lines of bathroom windows, including:

  • Albany
  • ODL Glass
  • Western Reflections

American Thermal Window Installs Bathroom Windows

Deciding when and how to make upgrades to your home is difficult. When you choose to work with American Thermal Windows, you can rest assured that your project will turn out exactly as you desire.  Our sales team is happy to answer questions about bathroom windows, bathroom window options, and bathroom window lines. We’re confident you’ll be happy with the results when you choose new bathroom windows for your home.

Chicago’s Best Window and Door Company

American Thermal Window has more than 35 years of experience installing windows and doors throughout Chicagoland and is considered Chicago’s top-rated window and door company. Everyone on the team is top notch and very experienced in selling and installing windows and doors. The showroom, located at the corner of Milwaukee and Central Ave in Chicago offers many displays showcasing the different window and door options available.

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