Wood Windows and Wood Patio Doors

Wooden French Patio Door

The Beauty of Wood Windows and Doors

When asked what type of windows are the best for long lasting beauty and durability, Wood Windows and Doors are always the first that come to mind. If you enjoy the beauty of your home and want to keep it in its original condition, wood is a perfect selection for you. Whether or not you live in a modern home or a classic one, these windows add beauty to your home and can  make it one of the most enviable homes on your block. These windows are also great for landmark renovation applications along with other projects. Whatever you need for your home, American Thermal Window can do it all. 

The Standard Everyone Lives By

The best part of wood frame windows and doors is that they are crafted to be beautiful. While the windows look classic, they are also made to look new. Any home you choose can have that perfect look. 

Keeping Your Budget Happy

While your home decoration dreams come true, the budget will also be happy too. Wood frame windows and wooden doors have tremendous longevity and will stay beautiful in your home for years to come. 

Wood is Perfect for Protection from the Elements

The great benefits of a wood window or a wood door begin with protection. They provide excellent insulating and American Thermal Window will make sure your wooden windows are sealed in properly. This way you can be free from worry about the outdoor elements sneaking inside. 

Protecting the Wood Itself

While wood window frames may need to be repainted, the periods between painting can be extended with wood clad windows. Cladding means that the wood is layered with protection.The beauty of wood clad windows is while you receive your classic windows, they will be protected from the outdoor elements.This also means that the staining of the wood will stay intact. By using the Exterior Aluminum Cladding that American Thermal Window offers, you will not have to repaint them as often. Do not worry about the colors being mismatched because they offer a wide selection of colors to match the design of your home inside and outside. 

Qkr Brgtn Wood Window

Decorating Your Home

When decorating your home, you can select any color of wood that best matches your design ideas. The exterior wood doors and windows can be painted one color, while the interior windows and interior wooden doors can be painted differently. This type of flexibility makes a wood window or a wood door a perfect choice for any home. American Thermal Window can help you create your vision and bring it to life.

Change Things Up

Wood windows will always be a classic option for any home. A great advantage is their adaptability. If you decide the color is not your style anymore, it is simple to repaint the windows to a new shade or new color all together.

What We Offer

American Thermal Window offers wooden windows in Double Hung, Casement, Sliding, Bay, and Bow Windows. They can provide painting for the interior windows and create wood frame windows for the outside that will make your home even more beautiful.

Types of Doors

American Thermal Window also offers French, Hinged, and Sliding Patio Doors. They can make your exterior wood doors look gorgeous and will also match your home design with different colored interior wooden doors.

Marvin casement wall of windows
Marvin wood kitchen window
Marvin Wood Windows

Some of the advantages of Wood Windows are:

  • The ability to stain wood products to match interior woodwork, trim & casing.
  • Exterior Aluminum Cladding on wood products providing protection from the elements, along with a variety of customizable colors to match the exterior aesthetics of your home.
  • Great for Historic & Landmark Renovation Applications and Projects.
  • Historic to Modern Style Options.
  • Available in Double Hung, Casement, Sliding, Bay and Bow Windows.
  • Also available in French, Hinged and Sliding Patio Doors.
  • Wide variety of National Brands.

Some of our top selling Wood Windows and Wood Patio Door Manufacturers are:

  • Andersen
  • Marvin
  • Pella
Wood Slider Window

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