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Fire Rated Window Installation

chicago fire windows

Chicago’s Top Fire Rated Window Installers

American Thermal Window has been installing fire rated windows throughout Chicago and the surrounding area since 1981. American Thermal Window carries both commercial fire rated windows and residential fire rated windows that comply with local fire codes. Fire codes throughout Chicagoland can be confusing and complicated, but rest assured the team at American Thermal Window will wade through local ordinances and fire codes to ensure you get the best fire rated windows that comply with area fire codes.

Fyre-Tec Fire Rated Windows

Fyre-Tec has been manufacturing steel fire rated windows for over 40 years.  Fyre-Tec Windows provide 3/4 hour and 1-hour fire protection and meet or exceed local fire codes. Fyre-Tec uses automatic heat closure devices, also known as heat activated fusible links, on their windows. Fyre-Tec’s single pane steel windows provide many excellent features and come with more customization options than other manufacturers making them an ideal fire window for Chicago buildings.

fyre tec single hung steel windows

Why Are Fire Rated Windows Needed

Fire Rated Windows and Fire Rated Doors help prevent the spread of fire and smoke during a building fire by compartmentalizing the fire. Buildings with properly installed fire rated windows and doors make it easier for firefighters to rescue people trapped in the building and to put the fire out. In large buildings, such as those common throughout Chicago, preventing the fire from spreading further is an essential part of stopping fires from turning deadly.

Fire Rated Glass

Standard glass will break when temperatures of approximately 250 degrees are reached. Tempered glass breaks at around 500 degrees. Fire rated glass can withstand upwards of 1600 degrees, which is a significant difference. Glass is tested by independent laboratories, following strict national test standards. First, the glass is installed in a furnace and the temperature is raised to stimulate a fire. Once a time is established for how long the glass will stay in its frame during a fire a second part of the test takes place. For the second part, the heated glass is blasted with water from a hose of at least 30 psi to ensure the fire rated glass can withstand thermal shock. Once testing is completed the fire rated glass is assigned a fire rating.

fyre-tech 925 series fire rated windows

Single Hung Steel Windows

The Fyre-Tec 925 series of single hung steel windows make for excellent fire rated windows. The 925 series adhere to fire code and aesthetically match seamlessly with Chicago’s diverse building styles. The 925 series of fire rated windows have many features and options to choose from and are an excellent choice of fire rated windows for the Chicago area.

Fire Rated Window Features:

  • Narrow site-line allows larger glass and daylight openings
  • Manufactured from galvanized cold rolled steel
  • Frames and Inserts fabricated with corners mitered and secured by welding
  • Full length mechanical interlock at meeting rail
  • Standard glazing material 3/4 hour rated (Optional 1-hour rating with ceramic glazing)
  • Heavy duty balances with automatic heat activated closures
  • True muntins, when required, integral (welded) to inserts
  • Pile-type weather-stripping with integral sealing fin around entire perimeter of inserts (Optional Q-Lon weatherseals on high performance windows)
  • Snap-lock glazing retainers secured with machine screws
  • Weeps incorporated into sill members
  • Conform to current AAMA H-C30 Specifications (Optional conformance to H-R55)
  • Finished with weather resistant powder coating in nine standard colors
  • Frames and glazing labeled in accordance with IBC requirements
  • Maximum UL approved size for 925 Series: 4070
  • Sub-frame or fin mounting systems supplied with all windows
  • Underwriters Laboratories tested and classified
  • Windows manufactured in USA

Fire Rated Windows Options

  • Steel screen frames with fiberglass or aluminum mesh
  • Premium clear non-wire glazing
  • New High Performance H-R55 available
  • Insulated glass units with internal muntins, Low-E, and tints
  • Impact safety ratings
  • Custom colors

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