fire rated windows in chicago

What Makes Fire-Rated Windows Different Than Windows With Normal Glass?

fire rated windows in chicago

Depending on where you live and the style of building you live in, fire rated glass windows are required. At American Thermal Window our team keeps abreast of all local ordinances regarding fire-rated windows. We want to ensure each of our customers gets the fire-rated windows required by local ordinances. At American Thermal Window we carry Chicago’s best fire-rated windows and have the largest selection of quality fire-rated windows which adhere to all Chicago ordinances.

Many people have questions about fire-rated windows, so we’ve compiled this handy fire-rated window FAQ to answer your questions.

How Are Fire-Rated Windows Different Than Ordinary Windows?

Fire-rated glass is manufactured to withstand high temperatures caused by fire and withstand the impact pressure caused by high-pressure fire hoses. The glass undergoes a rigorous testing process and at the end is awarded a fire-rating ranging from twenty minutes to three hours. The time correlates with how long the glass lasted.

What is the Difference Between Fire-Protective and Fire-Resistance Glazing?

Fire-protective glass helps slow the spread of flames and smoke by using materials like wired glass, glass ceramics, and specially tempered glass. Fire-resistance glazing adds an additional layer of protection by blocking radiant and conductive heat from transferring. 

Are There Things I Should Look Out For When Choosing a Fire-Rated Window?

Some fire-rated windows available on the market have extensive disclosures, which when read, essentially make the fire-rated glass worthless. An example would be one which states the glass does not meet the blast requirements or one which is fire-rated from one direction. In either of those situations, the glass won’t hold up against the potential situations you are purchasing it for. The team at American Thermal Window will help ensure you get high-quality fire-rated glass for your fire-rated windows.

What is the difference between Category I and Category II fire-rated glass?

Category I fire-rated glass can withstand an impact of 150 pounds per foot. Category II can withstand 400 pounds per foot.

Grenfell Tower Fire

The importance of fire safety came to the forefront due to the recent Grenfell Tower fire. In London, the Grenfell Tower fire started due to a faulty refrigerator located on the fourth floor of the building and quickly spread from there. Firefighters were able to put the fire out in the apartment within minutes, but that was all the time the fire needed to reach the exterior of the building and then the first worked its way up the exterior of the building. This tragedy resulted in more than 70 lives lost.

The fire spread rapidly due to cladding on the exterior of the building, but this horrible tragedy highlights how important ever facet of fire safety is. From the working smoke detectors to fire-rated glass.

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