Factory Window Replacement

Are you considering a factory window replacement? This article will tell you everything you  need to know about replacing factory windows. We’ll discuss the benefits of commercial window replacement, commercial replacement near you, and more. 

Factory Window Replacement

First, let’s answer all your questions about commercial windows and how you know when it’s time to replace them. 

Factory Window Replacement

What are Commercial Windows? 

Commercial windows are designed for larger spaces to let in more light. For example, commercial windows are made for offices, schools, and other business types of buildings. Commercial windows also include storefront windows. Generally, commercial windows have larger frames and more glass overall than residential windows. 

How do I know if I need to replace my factory windows? 

There are a few signs that should tell you it’s time to consider replacing your factory windows. If your windows have any damage (for example, frame damage or cracked panes) it’s time to replace them. If your building’s energy costs are going up and up and you’re not sure why, your windows could be the culprit. Old, drafty windows account for a large percentage of energy loss in commercial properties. 

Also, if you see condensation forming between your window’s glass panes, that can be a sign of failed seals. All of these are signs that should signal to you that it’s time for a replacement. 

What are the downsides to my old windows? 

Old Factory windows

There are common issues that tend to plague older windows due to the fact that when they were manufactured there was not the technology that manufacturers have now. Older windows were simply not made to the same standard as today’s windows. 

For example, depending on how old your windows and building are, your current windows might only have single-pane glass. They may not have any type of coating to block heat and UV rays. This allows too much heat to enter the building in the summer, and expensive indoor heat to escape in the winter. 

Another possible issue with older windows is the degradation of the putty that holds the glass panes in the window frame. This can let air escape and waste precious energy (and money on energy bills.) 

Also, older windows require a lot of maintenance. Older window frames require regular maintenance to seal gaps and repair gaps. In particular, wood window frames require regular scraping and painting. 

How long do new factory windows last? 

If you choose to replace your old factory windows, new factory windows should last in your building for up to 40 years. Though it may seem like a large project to take on and invest in, the payoff will last for a long time. 

Factory Window Replacement Near Me

Factory Window Replacement Near Me

If you are looking for help with a factory window replacement project in the Chicago area, American Thermal Window can assist you. Our company has been providing high-quality factory replacement windows for clients across Chicagoland for decades. 

American Thermal Window has replaced commercial windows on different types of buildings throughout the city of Chicago. We have the necessary experience to help you replace your factory’s windows. Whether you require high-quality aluminum replacement windows or high-quality replacement storefront windows, we can help. 

If you are a storefront looking to replace your windows, American Thermal Window specializes in replacing storefront windows for businesses across the Chicago area. New storefront windows will increase your storefront’s curb appeal and also your storefront’s security. 

Benefits of Factory Window Replacement

There are many benefits to replacing the windows in a factory. The following are just a few of the reasons why we recommend replacing old windows in commercial buildings sooner rather than later. 

Improve Energy Efficiency

Replacement windows can significantly improve a building’s energy efficiency. Installing high-quality, climate-controlling windows can help save you money. Energy savings can make the property more valuable for resale or for potential renters. If you are concerned with having energy efficient windows, you can check their energy performance ratings to tell you their potential for gaining and losing heat. 

Reduce Costs

Replacing windows can also help you reduce operating costs for your commercial building. Especially if you choose replacement windows that are more energy efficient, your heating and cooling costs for your building will go down. The exact amount of money you can save on heating and cooling your commercial building varies depending on the rate of heat transfer through your windows, and how well a window resists heat flow. Some estimates say replacement windows can help property owners lower costs by up to 40 percent. 

Increase Comfort 

New windows in your commercial property can increase the comfort of your building for you, or for your tenants. Updated windows help prevent overheating and reduce the need for bulky window treatments (another way new windows can actually reduce costs!) 

Improve Your Property Value

Though it may seem like a big project to take on, replacing windows in your store, school or other commercial building significantly increases the value of your property. It is an expense that future owners know they won’t have to worry about taking on anytime soon. New windows make the property more attractive to potential buyers, too.

Reduce Turnover Rates

If you rent your commercial property, the major improvement to your building that will result from replacing its windows will help reduce turnover rates. Your tenants will love the updated windows, the attractiveness of the news windows, which means they will be less likely to look elsewhere. 

Reduce Sound Transmission

Especially in a busy city like Chicago, you want your windows to reduce sound transmission from the street, trains, and people coming through your windows as much as possible. If you have to raise your voice to be heard over the street noise in your building, your windows could be the problem. Windows with a higher STC, or sound transmission class, number will block the most sound

Increase Security

Especially if you have a storefront, security is important for your business. New windows are much more secure than old windows. Many new windows have been manufactured with security in mind. We can help ease your mind about your business’s security by installing new windows. 

Commercial Building Replacement Window Brands 

Commercial Building Replacement Windows

The experts at American Thermal Window recommend a few different brands of replacement windows for commercial buildings. Here are three options we use for our customers: 

Quaker Windows

Quaker Commercial Windows and Doors provides multiple options for replacement commercial windows. Their M600 Architectural Aluminum Window Series is “designed for strength, durability and energy efficiency.” This series is ideal for commercial buildings like multi-family properties, offices, education buildings, hotels, government buildings, and assisted living buildings. 

Wojan Windows

Wojan Window & Door Corporation manufactures custom commercial aluminum windows. Wojan, a preferred vendor for Hilton, has several available options for commercial window replacement. Their product line offers a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and colors, and their products cover a broad range of performance requirements. 

Crystal Windows

Crystal Window & Door Systems is another brand that provides commercial replacement windows. Their vinyl replacement windows include double hung, picture fixed, projected casement, and slider options. If you’re looking for local windows, Crystal has a production facility located in Chicago. 

For help with your commercial window replacement, contact American Thermal Window today. Our company provides free estimates, so don’t hesitate and call us today.