Commercial Aluminum Windows and Doors

American Thermal Window provides high-quality commercial new and replacement aluminum windows and doors to stores and businesses throughout Chicagoland. We offer a large variety of commercial aluminum windows and doors that can be completely customized to your commercial property’s needs. Aluminum is a top choice when it comes to doors and windows for commercial properties. They are far less prone to warping, they are weather-proof (always important in Chicago!), they are corrosion-resistant and immune to UV rays, and ensure optimal performance. They are also durable and tend to have a longer lifespan than wood or vinyl frames, which is why we recommend aluminum windows for many of our Chicago-area clients. Learn more about why you should choose commercial aluminum windows and doors from American Thermal Window.

Commercial Aluminum Windows and Doors

American Thermal Window carries a large selection of commercial aluminum windows and doors. We specialize in commercial doors and windows. We have the right aluminum window or door to fit your business. At American Thermal Window, we have installed and replaced commercial windows and doors on several types of buildings, including mid-rise and high-rise buildings throughout the city of Chicago. We also offer aluminum windows and doors for all types of businesses, including:

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Condominiums
  • Office buildings
  • Nursing homes
  • Restaurants
  • Stores and other retail locations
  • And more.

Commercial Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows have become increasingly popular for commercial buildings. There are several reasons why commercial aluminum windows are a great choice for many properties. New commercial windows and doors will also improve curb appeal for your business and make it look fresh and welcoming. We only offer the highest quality aluminum windows for our commercial clients.

Why Choose Aluminum Windows?

There are several benefits to choosing aluminum windows for your commercial property.


Aluminum windows are much less likely to warp than other kinds of windows. They are also much more immune to weather, corrosion, and the harmful effects of UV rays. This ensures excellent performance and a long lifespan. Aluminum windows last longer than wood and vinyl window frames.

Variety of Style Options

Aluminum windows can come in a large variety of colors, so your windows can match the style of your property.

Energy Efficient

Aluminum windows offer an excellent seal against wind, water, and air, which means they are energy efficient.

Cost Efficient

Aluminum window frames are less expensive than wood frames. Also, since aluminum windows are energy-efficient, they cost you less money in the long run because they save you money on energy bills.

Low Maintenance

Unlike wood windows, aluminum is not prone to warping or decaying. It will also not require paint touch-ups. Many commercial property owners appreciate that aluminum windows are virtually maintenance-free.

Easy to Operate

Since aluminum is so durable, it will keep its shape over time. This means that they will continue to open and slide smoothly over the years, and remain easy to operate.

Ability to Reduce Noise

Aluminum windows are much more effective at noise reduction than vinyl windows, because they are much stronger and heavier than vinyl. This means that they can support heavier glazing.

Safety and Security

Safety is a concern for many Chicago commercial property owners. Aluminum windows offer excellent safety and security because they are highly resistant to forced entry. (If security is a concern, we also offer riot glass for Chicago commercial buildings to protect against burglaries, bullets, and more.)

Commercial Windows

There are several factors to take into consideration when selecting your replacement windows for your commercial location. Our sales team is experienced and ready to help you choose the best commercial windows for your business. Choosing new commercial windows for your property is about more than just choosing the one that looks the best. You also need to consider local ordinances and fire codes. We are knowledgeable in all of these areas in Chicagoland.

Industrial Windows

Industrial windows aren’t just big, they are a big deal. American Thermal Window installs industrial windows for businesses across Chicago. The keys to industrial Whatever your industrial window needs are, we have the solution. We offer industrial windows to meet your local city codes and to ensure occupant safety and comfort and noise control.

Aluminum Doors

American Thermal Window is known for carrying the largest selection of manufacturers and brands in Chicago, to give you the most choices for customization. When you purchase aluminum doors from American Thermal Window, you aren’t just getting the doors, but you are also getting the installation. Whether you need just one aluminum door or 100 for your commercial space. We have got you covered. We offer aluminum doors in a large variety of styles and sizes. We also offer top fire-rated doors and windows, if you require additional protection.

Commercial Replacement Windows

At American Thermal Window, we specialize in commercial window replacement projects at buildings in neighborhoods throughout Chicago, from Bucktown to Wicker Park. Our teams complete window replacement projects on low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise buildings. Whether your business is on the 2nd floor, 20th, or 40th, we can expertly replace windows at any height.

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Commercial Condo Common Entry Door - Side Lites

Chicago’s Top Aluminum Storefront Windows

American Thermal Window installs the best aluminum storefront windows in Chicago. We offer aluminum storefront windows for businesses of all kinds. Your commercial storefront windows are the first thing your potential customers see, so make sure they look their best with American Thermal Window. We can create a custom storefront window for your business to help it stand out from the rest in Chicago.

Other Products and Services Offered by American Thermal Window
American Thermal Window offers several commercial services, including:

  • Commercial Storefront Windows
  • Fire-Rated Doors and Windows
  • Riot Glass
  • And more.

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