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Riot Glass of Chicago

Why You Need Riot Glass

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, more than 28% of burglaries occur in commercial business locations. This means in retail stores, offices, and other types of commercial facilities. The majority of all burglaries are a result of the thieves gaining access to a property through a vulnerable window or door. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you with Riot Glass of Chicago.

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The next time there is rioting, looting, or a shooting in your Chicago neighborhood, keep your storefronts and business protected with Riot Glass. American Thermal Window installs Riot Glass for storefronts and commercial properties across the city. Riot Glass stops break-in attempts using sledgehammers, crowbars, knives, pickaxes, bricks, blocks, bats, and more. In short, it stops rioters and looters from getting inside. Secure your property and protect it from active shooters and other threats with Riot Glass. Riot Glass makes it easy to safeguard your property without ruining its style.

Features and Benefits of Riot Glass:

  • Protection Against Smash-and-Grab Crime
  • Bullet-Resistant Glass to Keep Burglars and Rioters Away
  • Preparation and Protection for Schools, Businesses, Medical Facilities, and other High Value Targeted properties including High End Retail Stores, Dispensaries, Liquor stores, Pharmacy/Drug Stores, Pawn Shops from Active Shooters, Looters and Rioters.
  • Reinforcement for Your Commercial Storefront Windows and Doors
  • On Premise, After-Hours Protection for ATM Machines.
  • Provide a Safe Haven Lockdown for employees and customers during Civil Unrest
  • Keeps glass doors and windows solidly in place.
  • Stronger and safer than other types of security and safety glass using military grade polycarbonate typically used in fighter jet canopies.
  • Less expensive than a full window replacement
  • Usually doesn’t require frame replacement
  • Can be retrofitted over existing glass
  • Can reduce energy costs
  • Security Glass for Military and Government Facilities
  • Security Glazing for Schools and Universities
  • Strengthens Physical Security in Religious Institutions
  • Tornado Window Protection

Riot Glass of Chicago

It’s important for Chicago businesses to be as secure as possible to prevent shooters, looters, rioters, and burglars from getting inside. Riot Glass provides an important part to the reinforcement of the security for your property. It is a reliable, cost-effective product line that is specifically designed to secure vulnerable entry points, like glass doors and windows, without sacrificing aesthetics. Smash-and-grab burglaries, riots, looting, and shootings all regularly make the headlines in Chicago. Can also provide a Safe Haven Lockdown for employees and customers during Civil Unrest. Don’t let your business be the next victim.

What is Riot Glass?

Ballistic-resistant Riot Glass is the ideal protection against active shooters and other threats. It resists bullets and prevents entry with shatter resistance. Don’t let bullets and other dangerous threats enter your business.

Stray bullets are a safety concern throughout Chicago, even in prominent areas like Downtown, the Gold Coast, the Magnificent Mile, and other targeted business areas. Riot Glass offers an extreme level of durability and an incomparable level of security. It is bullet-resistant and can keep your customers, and your employees safe during an emergency providing Safe Haven Lockdown during Civil Unrest.

Plus, Riot Glass is virtually invisible and nearly indestructible. It blends in seamlessly, so you don’t have to sacrifice the look and style of your business. Gone are the days of ugly iron bars blocking windows of high-end businesses. With Riot Glass, you get to protect your business while maintaining an open and inviting look.

Riot Glass is the Perfect Combination of Safety and Style

When you are investigating options for improving security for your business, it can be difficult to find options that are attractive, or at least don’t detract from the aesthetic of your property. Plus, window bars and gates can be uninviting for guests and potential customers. Riot Glass solves this problem. The products fit right on top of your existing glass and are virtually invisible.

Riot Glass Armor Plast – AP25 Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) System

  • Prevents bullet and ballistic breaches of glass
  • Bullets DO NOT weaken the AP-25 system
  • Unbreakable IGU units installed in place of traditional commercial glass units

Riot Glass Armor Plast – AP25 Surface Mount System

  • Prevents bullet and ballistic breaches of glass
  • Bullets DO NOT weaken the AP-25 system
  • Unbreakable shields installed in front of existing glass

If You Are Not Using Riot Glass to Secure Your Windows, You Are Vulnerable to Crime

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Many clients seek out Riot Glass after they have been the victim of a crime. Instead, protect your property before the worst happens and reinforce and secure your windows with Riot Glass.

Reinforce Your Storefront or Retail Glass Door with Riot Glass from American Thermal Window 

Protect your business, inventory, customers, and employees from dangerous and threatening situations with Riot Glass. American Thermal Window specializes in installing Riot Glass for Chicago businesses and commercial properties across the city. 

Don’t take our word for it, Ask Flee Club

After several break-ins, owners of Flee Club were ready to shut down for good (see the full story here). As a fellow small business, American Thermal saw a solution to their issues using RIOT glass to protect their store from future robbery. No more smash and grabs, no more stray bullets, just peace for Flee Club. Check out their installation here.

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