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Chicago’s Best Wood Windows

High-quality wood windows, such as the ones offered by Marvin Windows and Doors are an amazing investment for any home. Wood windows, more than any other type, are energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing, with proper care last longer than other types of windows, and environmentally sound. American Thermal Windows is proud to offer Marvin Windows and Doors high-quality wood windows to clients in need of replacement wood windows installed.

Marvin Windows and Doors

Marvin Windows and Doors is a family-owned Midwest company, located south of the Canadian border in Minnesota. As the largest manufacturer of wood windows and doors, Marvin Windows and Doors is an industry leader. Wood windows are built to order, to client specifications, making Marvin Window and Doors the best manufacturer for custom windows. Years of knowledge, experience, and innovation go into each window and it shows.

Why Choose Wood Windows

Wood Windows are Energy Efficient

Marvin Windows and Doors genuine wood frames, installed by American Thermal Window, provide far more insulation than most other types of windows. Offering 400 times more insulation than steel windows and up to 1,800 times more insulation than aluminum-frame windows, wood-framed windows are an excellent way to reduce heating and cooling bills in your home. Since Marvin Windows and Doors is based out of the Midwest, they understand extreme weather conditions and build their windows to provide maximum protection against hot humid summers and frigid windy winters. No matter the season your home will stay comfortable when it is protected by Marvin Windows and Doors windows with wood frames.

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Wood Windows are Beautiful

Genuine wood windows are elegant and, by far, the most aesthetically pleasing type of window available on the market. Marvin Windows and Doors wood-framed windows are built one at a time and offer more customization options than other manufacturers. When you choose to install Marvin Windows and Doors wood windows in your home you are getting the windows you want and ones that will truly shine.

Wood Windows Last

A well installed wood-framed window, such as one installed by American Thermal Window, will outlast metal framed windows by many years. Wood will not rust like metal framed windows and will maintain their original beauty for many years. Marvin Window and Doors wooden windows outlast even competitors wood windows over time.



Wood Windows are Eco-Friendly

For homeowners choosing to go “green,” Marvin Windows and Doors wood-framed windows are an excellent choice. Trees are a renewable resource, unlike many other window frame options and all trees harvested for Marvin Windows and Doors frames are responsibly harvested from managed forests. The company has also taken many steps to decrease environmental costs throughout the company.

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Built Around You

Marvin Windows and Doors goes beyond most wood window manufacturers and puts decades of innovation into their windows. No other manufacturer offers as many ways to customize windows as Marvin Windows and Doors. Nor do other manufacturers offer as many features as Marvin Windows and Doors.

Wood-Framed Windows Features

  • LoE–2-272® glass that filters harmful UV rays
  • Extruded aluminum cladding that resists fading
  • Hardware which provides easy access to both sides of the window from inside
  • More size and shape options than other wood window manufacturers
  • Choose from Pine, Douglas Fir, Vertical Grain Douglas Fir, Mahogany, Cherry, White Oak, Cedro Macho, or Primed Wood for your window
  • Many screen options, including retractable screens

Chicago’s Best Wood-Framed Window Installers

American Thermal Window shares many ideologies and practices with Marvin Windows and Doors. Both companies are family owned and operated businesses with a long history of taking care their employees and customers. Both companies go above and beyond to provide the client with exactly what they want. American Thermal Window and Marvin Windows and Doors take pride in what they do and it shows, making them the best combo for your Chicago replacement wood windows installation.

American Thermal Window as Chicago’s highest rated window and door installer, should be your first stop when in the market for wood windows. The sales team is happy to guide you through the process of picking the perfect window addition for your home and will be there with you for the entire process.

No window installers are more qualified throughout all of Chicagoland to install Marvin Window and Doors wood-framed windows than the installers at American Thermal Window. On average, the installers have been with the company for eleven years and each team works together seamlessly. Time after time happy clients comment on how quickly and unobtrusively the installers do their work.

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