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Soffit & Fascia

American Thermal are experts at installing soffit and fascia in the Chicagoland area. Cover the eaves and wood around your house with maintenance-free aluminum or vinyl soffit and fascia. Eliminate maintenance with a suitable long-term solution.

Two panel styles to choose from:

Solid panels—Enhance the appeal of your home at entrances and gable ends. Solid panels are installed vertically.

Vented panels—Enhance your home’s visual appeal with this outward weave design. Vented panels provide excellent ventilation for attics

American Thermal offers two different materials of soffit and fascia: vinyl and aluminum. We believe that our customers should always have the option to determine which material type is best-suited for their home or even if a combination of the two is more appropriate. Our Chicago soffit and fascia installers are able to install both vinyl and aluminum materials simultaneously, which further cuts down the overall project’s cost.

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