double and triple paned glass windows
double and triple paned glass windows

Double and Triple Pane Glass

When determining the best type of windows to install on your property, you must choose between double and triple pane glass. But what are the differences?

Double pane glass windows consist of two panes of glass with a space between them. That space (consisting of air) adds additional insulation and noise reduction to your window. Double pane glass windows can also have a gas fill between the pains (a colorless, odorless gas like argon or krypton), which increases energy efficiency. 

Triple pane glass windows consist of three panes of glass, with a space between each pane. These windows are heavier, and can also be filled with gas. 



The cost difference is 12% on average for triple pane windows with the energy efficiency averaging around 33% more with triple pane over double-pane. If cost is a factor, most people determine that the energy efficiency of triple pane windows pays for the cost difference in just few years. 

Noise Reduction

There is a significant noise reduction when choosing triple-paned glass over double pane glass. Triple pane glass windows average of about a 30% increase in sound reduction.


Brands of Double and Triple Pane Glass

  • Marvin
  • PlyGem
  • Pella
  • Great Lakes
  • Sahara Pacific
  • Sunrise


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