Low-rise replacement windows

Low-Rise Window Replacement

Are you a building owner or manager considering replacing the windows in your low-rise apartment building? This article will tell you everything you need to know about low-rise window replacement. We’ll also discuss apartment building window replacement and Chicago window replacement. 

Low-rise replacement windows

Apartment Building Window Replacement

Unfortunately, many building owners wait too long before replacing windows in their apartment buildings. We know that it can be overwhelming to replace windows for an entire apartment building. It may seem like a massive undertaking that will disrupt and annoy your current residents. However, there are more downsides to waiting too long to replace your low-rise apartment building’s windows than there are positives. 

It may seem easier to put off replacing your apartment building’s windows and wait. But often, waiting a few months turns into years and then you start to see the negative side effects of having old windows. We see it all the time, but there are several reasons not to wait to replace your apartment building’s windows.

Did you know that waiting too long to replace windows can result in an unattractive building, sagging aesthetics, poor insulation, and unhappy residents? Eventually, waiting too long to replace windows can result in the value of your apartment building going down and it can be difficult to attract new residents to your building. 

Benefits to Replacing Your Apartment Building’s Windows

There are several benefits to replacing your apartment building’s windows sooner rather than later. 

Raise the Value of Your Building

Replacing your building’s windows, like any improvement you make to your building, can raise the value of your apartment building. Replacing your apartment building’s windows has the benefit of increasing the value of your low-rise apartment building’s property value. Like any improvement you make to your building, new windows 

Reduce Heating Costs

Another benefit of replacing your low-rise apartment building’s windows is that it will most likely reduce your building’s heating load and costs. Newer windows tend to be more energy efficient than old windows and have fewer leaks, which means a lower heating bill for both you and your residents. You even have the option when you choose replacement windows to pick a green option. 

Reduce Noise Transmittance

Anyone who has lived in an apartment building, especially in a busy city like Chicago, knows that noise can be an issue. New windows can result in reduced noise transmittance, which your residents will love. Especially if your building is on a busy street or even on a flight path from Midway to O’Hare, windows with reduced noise transmittance are a great benefit.

Better Function

If you choose to replace fixed windows with operable casement or double-hung windows, it improves their function, the comfort of your tenants and makes apartments more marketable. 

Reduced Maintenance

Your maintenance man will thank you for replacing your building’s windows and reducing their time spent dealing with old, hard-to-manage windows. 

Adherence to Local Standards

Many cities and municipalities are even implementing their own energy efficient standards for large buildings, which means your building’s windows could be out of date. 

Improved Aesthetics

Replacing windows also improves the aesthetics of an apartment building, which can mean you can charge higher rent per apartment. New windows feel lighter and more modern, which means nicer apartments. If you are looking for a surefire way to instantly revitalize an aging, older property, replacing your building’s windows is the way to go. 

While you may be worried about annoying residents of your building with a large window replacement project, you may actually retain more residents who appreciate the upgraded windows. In the end, replacing your apartment building’s windows is a smart business decision. 

What Decisions Do I Need to Make? 

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to replacing windows in apartment buildings. A lot of decisions need to be made when it comes time to replace windows, from the type of windows you buy to the type of replacement you choose to make. 

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, there are several features you will need to decide on when it comes to your replacement windows. A few of these features are: 

Window Frame Type

If you want to improve your window’s overall energy efficiency, one way to do so is by improving the thermal resistance of the window frame. Some different options you can choose from when it comes to window frames are fiberglass, vinyl, or wood. 

Glazing Type

In addition to choosing a window frame, you will need to choose which kind of glass or glazing you want to use. For example, a few options are insulated window glazing, low-emissivity coatings, or spectrally selective coatings. 

Gas Fills and Spacers

Gas fills are special gases, like krypton or argon, that are pumped inside insulated glass units to improve their thermal efficiency. 

Operation Types

Next, you need to choose how your windows will operate. For example, awning, hopper, or double-siding windows all operate differently. Different operating types of windows vary in their energy efficiency because of their air leakage rates. 

Brand Options for Replacement Windows

We know that as an apartment owner, you want to choose replacement windows that will enhance the beauty and integrity of your building. American Thermal Window works with several different window manufacturers. So, if you choose us to replace your windows, you will have several different options as far as brands. Here are a few of the options we recommend for replacement windows: 

Marvin Windows

The Marvin Elevate Collection is described by the company as “balancing beautiful design with superior strength.” These windows feature warm wood interiors and Ultrex fiberglass exteriors for lasting durability. They are cooler in summer and warmer in the winter. The benefit of these windows is that they will ultimately save you money in energy costs. If you’re looking for a stylish yet also very functional window, Marvin windows might be the right choice for you. 

Quaker Windows

Quaker Commercial Windows and Doors provides aluminum windows designed for strength, durability, and energy efficiency. If you require a casement window series, a projected window series, or a fixed window series, all of Quaker’s options feature thermally enhanced aluminum. Their windows are ideal for apartment buildings. 

Wojan Windows

Wojan Window & Door Corporation windows are another option for quality apartment building windows for all seasons (which is always important, especially in Chicago!) They offer a series of double-hung windows suitable for replacement projects called the M1500/1600H Series. 

Crystal Windows

Crystal Window & Door Systems is another brand of windows that we recommend for low-rise window replacements. They offer aluminum windows, vinyl replacement windows, and more. Crystal offers industry proven quality with state-of-the-art manufacturing in Chicago. 

Chicago Window Replacement

Because we are a Chicago company, we know your low-rise apartment building needs windows that can withstand everything the Windy City can throw at them. 

If you are looking for help with window replacement in Chicago, American Thermal Window can help you. We are listed as one of the top ten replacement window companies in Chicago on Yelp. Whether you need to replace bay, bow, garden, casement, awning, double-hung, egress, sliding, architectural, or glass block windows, we can help you. 

For help with low-rise window replacement for your apartment building, contact us at American Thermal Window today.