energy efficient triple pane windows

Triple Pane Window Benefits

energy efficient triple pane windows

Triple Pane Windows are Highly Energy Efficient

Expertly installed triple pane windows are more energy efficient than single or even double paned windows. Triple pane windows do an excellent job in areas, such as Chicagoland, that experience sub-freezing winters. The additional pane of glass and air space between provides a buffer between the outside cold and inside warmth. If you live in a colder climate and are looking to replace old windows, then triple pane windows are the way to go.

Top Reasons to Install Triple Pane Windows

The Additional Pane of Glass

Thanks to having three panes of glass, triple pane windows are more energy efficient than single or double pane windows. Even better, it provides you with an additional pane to add Low-E Coating to. Low-E Coating prevents heat loss from the inside, but still allows heat from the sun’s rays to enter. Low-E Coating also stops harmful UV Rays from entering into the home. Over time preventing UV Rays will lengthen the life of your window treatments and furniture since fading won’t occur.

Additional Air Chamber

You also gain an additional chamber of air due to the third pane of glass. The chambers of air can then be filled with Argon or Krypton Gas. Both Argon and Krypton Gas help increase the energy efficiency since they significantly reduce heat loss.

Additional Soundproofing

Many places in Chicago are noisy and outside sounds can be heard through closed windows even. Triple pane windows help dampen exterior sound with the extra pane of glass. Instead of tossing and turning all night long to the sympathy of sirens, pedestrians, and other city noise you can sleep easy thanks to your newly installed triple pane windows.

Lessened Condensation

Not only is condensation unsightly, it can also cause damage to parts of the window, like the window sill. Triple pane windows provide more of a buffer between the differing exterior and interior temperatures which help to lessen condensation.

Reduced Heat Loss

For many, the main reason to purchase high-quality triple pane windows from Sahara Window and Doors is to reduce heat loss through their windows. Triple pane windows are more energy efficient and in most cases will pay for themselves over the years due to decreased energy costs.

Best Triple Pane Windows in the Chicago Area

Sahara Window and Doors has more options for triple pane windows than any of their competition. We carry many different manufacturer’s brands and each brand comes with many different sizes and styles. We have a large selection of options and finishes for our triple pane windows and can even do custom work. Sahara Window and Doors wants to make sure you get the windows of your dreams and will go above and beyond to make it happen.

Chicagoland’s Top Installers of Triple Pane Windows

Over the years Sahara Window and Doors has grown into Chicagoland’s best installers of triple pane windows. Receiving more glowing reviews than any other window or door company, Sahara Window and Doors is Chicago’s highest rated window and door company. By offering top-of-the-line window manufacturers coupled with excellent work and quality customer service, Sahara Window and Doors has truly become Chicago’s best triple pane window installation company.

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